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The SG Experience

The SchoolGuru team dreams to bring the light of high quality education into the home of every Indian. We are revolutionizing how higher education is delivered across the country and take pride in engaging the best minds in the country to achieve this noble dream. Each and every one of our employee represent the spirit of our company : driven, committed and acutely aware of SchoolGuru's potential to impact millions of lives.

We have developed strong relationships with our partner Universities and our students. The success that we have seen so far is due to the immensely talented folks working at SchoolGuru. We know that when we SGites put our minds together, there is nothing we can't achieve. As such, SchoolGuru has taken care in creating a rewarding and challenging work environment that encourages our people to grow professionally and personally.

We would encourage you to explore Life at SchoolGuru and Why you should look forward to a career at SchoolGuru to understand our culture better !