University 2.0

Nurturing human capital continues to be the most important driver of value, productivity and resilience for a modern corporation. If strategy is defined as the art of creating an unfair advantage, the only sustainable advantage is a culture of learning. Corporate University 2.0 will deliver learning on-campus, on-site, on-the-job, and online.

Learning Services

We offer a comprehensive, multi-modal, multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual and multi- university learning platform for our corporate clients to foster a culture of learning in the organization. The platform contains more than 150 programs (Degree/ Diploma/ Certificate) from India’s leading Universities that are available for enrolments. The programs are offered on our powerful, mobile-first learning platform, that can also be used to disseminate in-house training programs to the employees. Our industry co-branded programs offer a great opportunity for corporates to build a strong talent pipeline and build their brands amongst these aspiring graduates.

Programs offered Online

Through our exclusive partnership with 22 of India’s leading Universities, we offer a wide range of more than 150 Degree Programs, Diploma Programs and Certification Programs both at the undergraduate and the post-graduate levels. All University programs are accredited and approved by the Distance Education Bureau; and are underpinned by a rich learning experience providing flexibility and personalisation to the students while they complete or upgrade their formal education.

As a Service

Our Mobile first Learning Platform, ‘Lurningo’, enables collaborative and gamified learning powered by powerful analytics and augmented reality. The app with its innovative Content authoring tool, facilitates synchronous as well as asynchronous learning and 24*7 accessibility to the learning content. The platform can be used by our Corporate clients to create their own courses, conduct live interactive sessions, measure using our intelligent audio-visual assessments, and use the analytics to compare and measure progress. Lurningo is the first and the only learning platform that provides formal education from the Universities and customised in-house programs on an integrated mobile platform.


We work with several corporate houses to build a successful Talent Pipeline through company specific learning programs offered as a part of the University curriculum. The innovative partnership helps create role-based, job-specific programs that can be offered to the University students through one of our partner Universities. This “prepare and launch” initiative for functional learning that is job specific helps create a positive brand image in the minds of students while creating an immediately recruitable talent pool.

Train and
Hire Model

Access our talent pool of University students who have been specifically trained for several finishing skills through our Employment Linked Skilling Program. This ELSP program has been adopted by several leading Universities as their skilling and employability initiative helping fresh graduates get ready to join the workforce. The customized training program has been designed based on our research for the skill requirements in the industry and ensures that the trainees have a pre-understanding of required job parameters and can be productive with little settling-in time once on board. Currently we have more than 100 thousand students getting trained across the country under the ELSP initiative and are looking forward to join the industry as trainees (apprentices) or employees.

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