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Talent Shortages are at a high record and organizations today are struggling to find the right talent to fill jobs. With rapid technological advancements, workers' skills are becoming outdated faster than ever before. The world of work is quickly changing, and employees require a lifetime of continuous learning to keep up. Moreover, sourcing new recruit and retaining them is a cumulative expenditure for an organization, hence, organizations must train and upgrade employees so that they are aligned with the dynamic changes in the industry. In order to close the skills gap and provide existing employees with the knowledge they need to successfully navigate their careers; employers must prioritize learning development programs that enable employees to refresh or gain new skills.

Schoolguru offers a comprehensive, multi-modal, multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual and multi- university learning platform for our corporate clients to foster a culture of learning in the organization. This unique platform, that is integrated with several leading Universities of the country provides a unique opportunity to combine formal education and customized corporate-driven training. Our people supply chain solution and industry co-branded programs offer a great opportunity for organizations to build and retain a strong talent pipeline.

Our Services



Creating sustainable people supply chain solution through our exclusive partnerships with Universities.


Degree Connect

Exclusive degree/diploma programs for employees in collaboration with our Partner Universities



Our Mobile first Learning Platform enables collaborative & gamified learning powered by analytics and augmented reality.


Role based Programs

Task-based and customized learning modules that depend on the specific employee roles and functions in a company.



Our content solutions correspond to the industry relevant standards and are enganging and useful for targeted learners



Promoting education and various initiatives of companies in education sector as a corporate responsibility to expand education

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