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Education is the only paradigm that can lead one from darkness to light. Education, alone, can change the fortunes for our nation. Let us make the difference….
Inspired by passion Education is nothing but passion for us. We are pledged to bring quality education to one and all at an affordable cost. Let us all put our best efforts….
Developing one nation We believe that true Social Inclusion can be brought by getting the rural poor educated. Let us harness the power of this asset. Let us partner in this journey of transformation….
Beyond the blue sky The footprints of our efforts shall be felt much after we are gone. We are determined to create an impact much higher by introducing quality education to the remotest village. Come join us in this journey…
The sun will shine again India is on the brink of a social revolution. The power of education shall provide the right fillip to it. Let us all be a part of it..Our journey to glory!
Where head meets the heart We provide the right platform and opportunity to all those who have accomplished in their lives, to give back something to our nation. Let us do our bit….let us contribute…
Simple makes the difference Experience the power of a simple idea..'to provide quality education to one and all'. We are heralding an era of change…Come, let us get involved!

Total Quality Education = Quality Academics + .....

Schoolguru Online Universities

Schoolguru works with several prestigious and large Universities and help them launch, run and manage their Online Programs on its platform.

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Schoolguru has collaborated with a large number of academicians across the globe to meet the requirements of its growing clients.....

SG inspire

Schoolguru's premiere platform, SG Inspire, brings in seasoned professionals, inspired thinkers and eminent speakers through....

Advantage- Academics

TypographySchoolguru's technology led platform thrives on academic excellence. The academic council and the academic board of advisors are eclectic units who have been carved out of academic professionals who are veterans in their field. The Schoolguru team relentlessly keep looking out for and reaching out to exceptional and expert teachers from across the globe to seek their active involvement and contribution.

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Advantage- Technology

TypographySchoolguru brings a high quality, technology intensive and easy to use technology platform for launching and servicing the online courses of the University. The technology platform contains all the necessary components like a vivid Learning Management System, an intelligent Digital Library, a Mobile Learning platform, a workflow driven Admission Management system, a Payment Gateway integrated Fees Management System and a rugged examination management system.

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Advantage- Quality

ColorsUsing its technology platform, its extraordinary academic team and its well sorted out processes ensure a pleasant experience for the students. Schoolguru endeavours to provide a Total Quality Education experience which involves Quality Academics, Quality Administration, Quality Infrastructure and Quality Student Support.

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Advantage- Partnership

Cross-platformOnline and Virtual Education is the only way, growing countries like India and developed economies like the US can meet their social obligations. The face-to-face education that requires expansive infrastructure set up is both time consuming and resource guzzling. Universities and higher education institutes need to gear up to this demand of scale and quality.

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